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Rita Catherine born

October 16, 2009

Four Loving Children and 16th grandchild due May 2016

Wonderfully Happy Grandchildren!

Rita Catherine Baptized

October 25, 2009


Sacred Hearts School, Bradford, Massachusetts
My Class of  1962
To date, I have Sixteen (16) truly joyful grandchildren. Aubrey, the oldest, is fourteen (19) years old. She has just finished the high school. This milestone for Aubrey reminded me of my eighth grade graduation many years ago.
Standing there with my classmates consisting of 25 girls and 22 boys I could never have predicted being retired in North Florida and being blessed with four children and Sixteen grandchildren.
I do remember being in the Church a few days before this picture was taken while my class practiced for the Graduation Ceremony. Father Donovan had just called out each of our names in the order we would be receiving our diplomas.  As the end of the list Father Donovan challenged us by saying: "... we should consider that the next time our names would be read from that pulpit would be the announcement of our Funeral Mass...".   The obvious challenge was for us to do something worthwhile with our lives.
Well, from that day in 1962 I have much to consider. God has Blessed me with a marvelous family. There are many things I could have done better. There are some things I did very well. In any case, that "Challenge" has always haunted me. It would be nice to be able to say that after a lifetime of experiences, I have finally learned how to be near perfect.... or at least very very good.  IN TRUTH, I'm still working on needed improvement- with some days being more successful than others. One cannot improve without be honest in introspection.
Looking back on those early years I realize now that I was a Conservative in Massachusetts! I had no idea that being with my Massachusetts neighbors... I was a minority.
"The SILENCE between the notes is as IMPORTANT as the notes themselves."
--  W. A. Mozart     



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