Dealing With Pain First

This story goes back well over three decades. My youngest daughter, maybe five years old at the time, was running as fast as she could on the front lawn of our home in Boca Raton. Running laughing twisting and having a great time on a beautiful sunny day. Typically of little children, she was not watching where she was going. Her little toes were exposed on the front of her sandals. Suddenly, her toes got caught under a water sprinkler head. As she was running as fast as she could, she fell forward hitting her knees and arms. Of course, in panic and pain she cried out distressingly loud.. I panicked as I ran towards her not knowing how badly she was hurt.

When I got to her, I picked her up and started checking for injuries. Seeing only some bloody toes from the metal sprinkler head, and a dirty scrapped knee, I started to lecture her on how important it is to watch where you’re running. (That’s right, I’m a Monday Morning Genius.) She was still crying when her Mom got to us. Mom picked her up, hugged her tightly and told her she would fix the “boo-boo”. The injured child stopped crying and went back to play.

I thought I learned an important lesson that day. When a child is hurting, they need love, comfort and a feeling of security. They do not need a lecture. It is said that women need to talk about a problem. Men need to take charge and fix the problem. As a general rule, the ladies have it right.

Now more than thirty years later, I still try to help with logic, reason, and action when all that is really necessary is to keep my mouth shut and listen. It would be helpful if the reader of this could say a prayer asking that I and all the other misguided men of the world gain the wisdom found from a little girl’s tripping on a sprinkler head.

Author: Robert Denoncour

God granted four loving children and sixteen grandchildren. That is a lot of gifts for which I am most grateful.

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